How to Save Money on Plumbing

How to Save Money on Plumbing

Do you have a habit of ignoring small leaks? Looking at them as insignificant and expecting them to somehow stop on their own? We, I’m sorry to bust your bubble but they won’t. Actually most small leaks tend to get worse so you should call a lumber the moment you realize you have a leak…no matter how small it is.

  • Don’t Let The Problem Escalate

The bad news about leaks is that if it gets worse, let’s say it ruins your floors or seeps through your walls, you risk spending several thousand dollars on repair. It is best to call a plumber before a blocked bathroom tub turns chaotic. Non-emergency jobs will tend to cost you less than critical jobs. Besides, your lumber will have more time to check out all the other systems that you fear could cause problems and alert you on them.

  • Urgency Of Repairs

Urgent repairs will most likely cost you more. The time period that the repairs are done will also determine how much you pay. You can save money by contracting a plumber on working hours compared to after work hours, weekend or holidays, which they will consider as emergency jobs and therefore charge you more. Of course the number of repairs and the time it will take for the plumber to finish the repairs will also determine the final amount you will be charged.

Also, there are rooting companies and plumbers who will charge you upfront for just coming to assess the damage so be sure you are ready to have the repair done so that this fee can roll into the cost of repairs.

Consolidate Repairs

One trick I use to save on cash (up to 25% savings) is when I call on a plumber, I ask them to repair several things in one visit. If you have a faucet that needs installation or a slow draining sink for example, it would cost you more to have these repaired on different days compared to if you had the entire repair done on one single day.

  • Contract Licensed Plumbers

Although licensed lumbers and licensed plumbing companies may seem to be expensive, they will normally do a better job at repairs and diagnosing problems. This is according to a staff member from a leading Dallas HVAC installation company. Most of licensed plumber carry along micro-cameras and other equipment that they use to detect problems and you can be sure once you pay for a repair it won’t be recurring.

  • Do-It-Yourself-Jobs

You can save money on plumbing if you do some of the simple plumbing jobs on your own. For example, a plumber will charge you 150$ to replace a ball cock (the part that controls the flushing) for a toilet that won’t stop running. The cock is a simple switch that only costs 15$ in a hardware store. When you buy it, you will see easy to understand instructions on the package that you can use to install it. Doing this on your own will save you 135$ compared to if you had called a plumber.

  • Plumber Recommendations

You should opt for plumber recommendations from friends or other family members. A plumber is bound to give a small discount to a recommended customer than a new customer.

  • Take good care of your sinks, pipes and systems

I use a green drain cleaner (TerraCycle Natural Maintainer & Cleaner) to keep my pipes clear. It helps in removing excess debris and dirt. A clogging job will normally cost you 100$ or more and you could save this by simply taking good care of your sinks and pipes. You can get TerraCycle Natural Maintainer & Cleaner for 9$ on

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