Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We consider the privacy of our readers as the most essential factor. It is the place to assure you that we respect your privacy and will not compromise with it under any circumstances. We believe in blog ethics and will not divulge your personal information with any third party. Sometimes we need to collect few information such as your name and email address etc. , We assure you we will not use them other than this blog and will not sell them to any other third party.

All the contents and images used in this blog are solely belong to this blog and if you want to use them for any reason you need to take permission from the blog owner. You can always share them through social media, but you need to take permit if you want repost them in your blog and need to give proper credit to our blog. Any infringement of this policy may lead to prosecution. Here are other issues which may concern you:

Website cookies: Yes, we need to use cookies to maintain your log in details and setting properly and store them with our blog. It includes your user name and password which you use to log in to this blog. It has nothing to do with any of your personal data and these cookies don’t store any other details. These cookies are optional and you can turn them off if you wish to.

Tracking blog performance: We need to collect few data to check the performance and count visitors of our blog. That is why we use log files to check IP address from where you are logged in to our blog, the type of browser you are using, the time span you spend in our blog. This helps us to detect the reach of our posts and we can know where we need to improve. This is to maintain the traffic statistic and we don’t share this information with any third party.

Third party links: You will find links to third party websites in our blog. Though We only link to the website we trust, but we don’t have any proper knowledge about those websites and their privacy policy. Therefore when you click to their link make sure you check their privacy policy first.

If there is anything else you are worried about or want to know, feel free to contact us or email us your query. If there is any change in this privacy policy we will post the information in our blog. Keep checking our blog without any worries.