How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance

How to Get Cheap Pet Insurance

cheap dog insuranceAre you struggling to find cheap insurance for your beloved pet? Well look no further! Our guide will give you the low down to pet insurance and how to find a policy to match your wallet.

Shop Around, Compare Quotes…

The first tip to finding cheap pet insurance is to shop around. Don’t settle with the first quote you find – the pet insurance market is competitive with businesses competing on price and benefits to win your custom. You may not need to insure your pet dogĀ tags. However, when it comes to the health of your loved furry one, you should not compromise on insurance. It is a good idea to not just to look at the large insurers but also the smaller independent or specialist pet insurance firms as they can offer great rates thanks to their low overheads.

Check the Benefits and Excess

When hunting for cheap pet insurance make sure you are comparing like for like. A policy may seem extremely cheap at first but the benefits may not suit your needs or wants. One common trick is for insurers to offer low pet insurance premiums but increase the excess tenfold (excess is the amount you need to put towards treatment before the policy starts to pay out). This may seem OK at the time, but when it comes to making a claim, you will have to pay through the roof for treatment even to begin.

Pet Insurance Tips

If you are considering purchasing pet insurance, read our top tips below:

  1. Compare and Save:You will need to shop around to get the best quote possible. Insurance premiums will vary and so will the amount of cover so make sure you are comparing like for like. Some pet insurance companies will throw in other incentives and discounts so don’t just compare on price as other benefits may save you money elsewhere.
  2. Policy Excess:The excess is the amount you will have to pay each time you make a claim on your pet insurance. A policy may seem cheap until you realize you have to pay out huge sums in excess before they will even begin to treat your pet! Excess generally ranges from $30-70.
  3. Age:A lot of pet insurers won’t provide cover if your pet is over a certain age. This number tends to vary but is usually from the age of 8 upwards. It is therefore recommended that you get pet insurance as early as possible. If you insure your animal from a young age, the majority of insures will continue to provide cover for its entire life
  4. Small Print:Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting with your insurance.
  5. Cover:Pet insurance firms will have a limit on the amount you can claim for each illness or injury. They also limit the number of claims you can make in a year or by condition. Check the amount of cover is adequate for your pets needs. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper policies tend to have less cover.
  6. Vaccinations:Ensure that your pets vaccinations are up-to-date. Insurers are unlikely to cover the cost of treatment for a condition which could have been prevented if your pet had its vaccinations.


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