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Is Bitcoin Going Mainstream?

Is Bitcoin Going Mainstream?

Trying to come up with different currencies is not a new concept whatsoever. Many countries and people have tried however none have actually acquired the popularity that Bitcoin has. Apart from this, different services have sprung up to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. For example, there are companies that allow you to sell Bitcoin for Paypal, buy products/services using Bitcoin, donate with Bitcoin, and so on.

The Bitcoin genesis began back in 2009 and by the center of 2013 it was determined that the value of bitcoins around was 400 Million USD. The exchange fee of the Bitcoin fluctuates and has actually seen huge extremes. This makes it a great or bad financial investment for some people. If you acquired Bitcoin early you will certainly have most likely seen a huge return on your initial financial investment. Moreover, it is now possible to use PayPal to buy Bitcoin.

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Forex Trading Risks and Indicators

Forex Trading Risks and Indicators

You need to know and understand the risks of forex trading before you get into online forex trading as your way to make money. In this article, we will cover the risks as well as indicators of forex trading.

Forex Trading Risks

Some of the risks of forex trading include:

Market Risk

This refers to the risk of capital losses caused by rice or market movement that is contrary to your trade. There are several things that can make you more prone to this type of risk. These include:
a)  Lack of knowledge(or education) about the analysis of market movements; either technical analysis or fundamental analysis.
b)  Lack of discipline in implementing the plan as well as implementing the risk management rules, causing a variety of errors in the trade.

Leverage Risk

The risk of capital loss will be much higher by the level of leverage used. The risk worsens … Read the rest