Breadman TR2700: Cheapest Quality Breadmaker on the Market

Breadman TR2700: Cheapest Quality Breadmaker on the Market

The Breadman TR2700 delivers a seductive smell of freshly baked bread throughout your home. This model, produced by Black & Decker, is an upgrade of the TR2500 version. The TR2700 Breadman has a number of advanced features that its predecessor lacks.

Does this machine really deliver great tasting bread with tantalizing aroma that weight watchers fear? How reliable is the bread machine?

Read our Breadman TR2700 review below to find out.

breadman tr 2700 review

Features of the Breadman TR2700

First of all, let’s look what Breadman TR2700 is all about.

This bread maker has number of pros, including its fully programmable mode. You can program the bread machine up to a 24 hour delay timer so the bread comes out exactly when it is needed. There is also one hour keep-warm standby mode that ensures the bread stays warm while not over baking it and using excess electricity.

Viewing Window

The Breadman TR2700 has a viewing window, where you can check the status of the baking at any time The bread machine is among the few that can bake loafs of different sizes, from under 1 lb. to 2 lbs. maximum.

Convection Fan

The machine has a convection fan that ensures that heat is evenly distributed around the baker to get the bread baked evenly on all sides. This feature ensures that the top or bottom of the bread will not be darkened while the sides and inside are not yet ready.

What to Watch Out For

However, the Breadman TR2700 is not without its problems. One of the issues i the level of noise it can produce while it mixes the loaf.

Sometimes, the machine may also shake vigorously on the counter especially, if when you are creating some very dry recipes. Most of the time, such problems arise when you don’t put in enough liquid, or have poured in too much flour than specified in the recipes recipes. The Breadman TR2700 just has no way of overcompensating for those kinds of user mistakes.

Breadman TR2700 Reviews

But what do actual users have to say about Breadman TR2700? Well, this review is from Marie G. Palumbo “Marie, avid reader” (New Jersey) and she says:

After reading the review, I went out and bought this item. All I can say is “I LOVE it.” My first loaf of bread came out perfect. This bread machine has so many wonderful features; a digital panel which is easy to understand and operate, a see through window, and most importantly, very easy cleanup. Aside from easily washing the pan and paddle, I just wiped the inside of the machine with a damp cloth just as a matter of principle as nothing accumulated in there. It was virtually clean after using it.

This is a wonderful upgrade from my Welbilt which is about 10 yrs old, but has served me well also. I had no problems whatsoever with its operation such as the pan coming undone, as many have reported with the TR2500. I am looking forward to continually using the TR2700 Breadman and highly recommend it’.

bread made using the breadman 2700
Bread Made Using the Breadman TR2700

Or consider one from a user named “joyfulhighc”:

‘I have made at least a half dozen loaves of bread in this machine now and I am very happy with it. The manual directions are very clear. I have mostly used bread machine mixes from various sources and they have all turned out great’.

The TR2700 Breadman machine can produce great bread. You can even experiment and discover some new, surprisingly wonderful flavors. This way, you will never ever get tired of the same, but you can also find ways to enjoy eating bread that is actually healthy for you.

And with the suggested retail price around hundred dollars, it is really hard to say no to buying it. If you are looking for a high-performance bread machine that will not disappoint you, the Breadman TR2700 is the machine.



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